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Yep – it’s BACK-2-SCHOOL time again!!!

Here are some fun BACK 2 SCHOOL gadgets/tools– all filled with fun– AND LEARNING


KiiPix™ from TOMY— is a portable, affordable and easy-to-use instant film printer, requiring no special apps and no batteries, making it a “snap” (pun totally intended!) to capture, print and share. This compact instant film printer turns your smartphone snaps into retro-stylized printed photos in three easy steps. Simply open up your KiiPix, place your phone on top, push the button and turn the knob.  KiiPix lets you create vintage-inspired printed photos to share special moments with family and friends or to frame and display—transporting your treasured images from the digital world into the physical. Unlike a traditional instant camera that often wastes film with blurry or bad pictures, you can enhance the contrast or play with filter options in your smartphone before you print your photos. With cell phones always in hand, capturing everyday moments has never been easier. However, as convenient as it is to snap a pic and share it socially in today’s digital age, the art of exchanging physical photos with friends and family or framing images to display has been all but abandoned, until now!  Available in three colors (pink, blue or black) for a suggested retail price of $39.99 (film sold separately) please log on to or to learn more.


Pop-oh-ver Play Kitchen— Play kitchens are a classic settings for solo or team pretend play and Pop-oh-ver is the hottest new twist.  Even if you don’t have a lot of space to dedicate to a permanent set up. The patented Pop-oh-ver is just what the name says— you pop the cleverly sewn canvas over an armless chair and it becomes a stove with four burners on the top, an oven with door that opens allowing the food to cook and a microwave at the top. Need counter space for prep? Bring home the Pop-oh-ver counter top and you’re all set with extra counter space, a shelf for storage, a pretend toaster and blender are ready to use. What do you need for food prep? Pop-oh-ver has 5 accessory sets; a wonderful set of stainless steel pots and cooking utensils. Textured cloth foods; breakfast, lunch, dinner and even deserts as well as a deluxe Chef jacket, measuring spoons wooden utensils.  Pop-oh-ver gives children the opportunity to use their imagination and have fun while they learn about colors, sizes, measuring, preparing food, working with others. When they are finished Pop-oh-ver easily folds up and easy to store. Pop-oh-ver was designed by a mother of 7 children and has earned 7 different children’s toy industry awards since its launch in February 2018 at the International Toy Fair in NY. Most notable award is the Oppenheim Gold Seal–given to the outstanding new products that enhance the lives of children. Price for the stove is $39.95 and accessory sets for $24.95.  You can find Pop-oh-ver at and on Amazon as well as specialty retailers across the country. Lightweight and ready to travel, Easy care, hand wash, air dry or spot clean.  Awards Pop-oh-ver has received so far; Family Review Center Gold Award, Moms Choice Awards “Honoring Excellence,” Oppenheim Toy Portfolio “Best Toy Award,” Pal Award, Tillywig Toy Award–Best Creative Fun Award, Hot Diggity Awards – Winner 2018, Creative Child Magazine–2018 Product of the Year Award.  See Pop-oh-ver demonstrated here 


Playmobil’s Hidden Temple with T-Rex — Join Nick, Will, & Emma as they embark on a new adventure on Dino Island with the Hidden Temple with T-Rex. Once you discover the temple, use the ancient structure as your research base before heading out to explore the island with the help of the secret map.  Simply rub the map to reveal a hidden path where X marks the spot!  When back at the base, protect the team from the unfriendly T-Rex or enemy explorers with the functioning laser gun (batteries included)! The working temple gate also helps keep unwanted visitors out.  Beware of that T-Rex! His movable arms, legs, and jaw allow for realistic motion and make him one intimidating dino!  Use the functioning pulley to bring needed equipment up to the top floor. Kids can also use the included UV flashlight (1 x AAA battery required) to reveal cool glow-in-the dark features, such as with the ruin’s crystal eyes, jungle plant, and more! Set also includes the full team – Nick, Emma, and Will, their pet dog Sammy, T-Rex, laptop, camera, gold statue, microscope, backpacks, storage containers, hiking equipment, and lots of other accessories. Hidden Temple is for ages 4+, MSRP: $59.99 and it’s available at Walmart.  Check out


smART sketcher™ Projector — empowers kids and parents to turn photos from their smart devices into pictures!  By using the free smART sketcher™ app, pictures are filtered and transferred via Bluetooth to the projector. Instantly users will see their desired image projected onto paper and they can trace and colorit like a pro. They can also choose to draw from a pre-loaded SD card that is filled with a variety of images and activities including step-by-step drawings, learn-to-write letters and numbers, early spelling skills, and more. Extension packs extend the play with themed pictures, letters, numbers, spelling activities, and even cursive writing. The smART sketcher™ Projector is available at major retailers, online and in store, including Target, Amazon, Walmart and Barnes & Noble. Ages 5+, MSRP $59.95. Feel free to check it out here:


Beaker Creatures— is a new line of science-themed collectibles from Learning Resources that combines the thrill of collecting with hands-on science experiments that build skills and spark curiosity. The only collectible line that incorporates hands-on learning through science experiments, Beaker Creatures is founded in real science, from the fizzing Reactor Pods that reveal the creatures to the classification cards that help children identify the species they have uncovered.There are 35 Beaker Creatures from 5 different families, including limited edition 24-carat creatures for children to discover, classify, and explore.  The Beaker Creatures set also doubles as a working lab set, complete with included science experiments that encourage more hands-on learning.Each Beaker Creature also comes with facts and quizzes about real-world creatures and phenomena that sparks curiosity in the world around us. Created for ages 5+, and priced at $24.99, Beaker Creatures is available on Amazon and


UnbuckleMe – INVENTED BY A MOM — Kids car seat buckles are regulated to require 9 lbs. of pressure to release, so kids can’t get out while the car is moving. UnbuckleMe uses leverage to reduce the force to unbuckle, and does not attach to the car seat. Under adult supervision, kids can quickly unbuckle themselves in the carpool drop-off line, so mom doesn’t have to get out of the car to do it, or crawl to the third row. Kids 4 yrs+ can feel like “big kids” by unbuckling themselves, or their younger siblings. Keep it out of reach when the car is moving. Extra Bonus: Helps grandparents with arthritis, or moms with long fingernails who struggle with car seat buckles! For $14.99, buy it today buybuyBABY or UnbuckleMe.