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Upping Your Tech Savviness While At Home

How to Up Your Tech Savviness  During Your Home Time

No one wants to be stuck at home but this can be a great opportunity to improve your TECH SKILL

You and your kids might be going stir crazy as the coronavirus pandemic keeps everyone cooped up in their homes. If you’re like the many of millions stuck inside you might be wondering what to do with your home time.

Thanks to technology, learning is always at our fingertips.

Being stuck at home—CAN BE a great opportunity to improve your tech skills—

So, what are some of the ways that you can up your tech savviness during your home time?  Here are my top picks:

Ways the kids and the entire family can use gaming to enhance their tech and gaming skills:

There’s so many ways for kids to improve their tech skills too —a perfect example is

Dreams ($39.99).  Dreams is an award winning creative social network for PlayStation-4.  And you can use it to create games, animated videos, music and more.  AND you can share it with the world. Whether you’re a beginner, a budding musician, or a master movie maker – the Dreams toolkit and tutorials help every step of the way. Dreams players can collaborate and experiment with other players across the world.  So it can be a real social outlet when you’re stuck at home. For more information on Dreams you can visit: Or

Stay organized with the latest tech innovations:

Here’s a great way to back up all of those documents you are working on — It’s My Passport SSD from WD – It is compatible with both Mac and PC, and what I like—it’s ready to use out of the box.  It has super-fast transfer speeds – With the “My Passport SSD” you can relax knowing that your important and confidential work documents are safely backed-up on a portable device.  AND with My Passport SSD your information is password protection and hardware encryption.  In today’s world, this is a must-have.  (starting price is just $74.99 from Available on the Western Digital Store, Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and other retailers or by clicking here:

Use your at home time to make your home smarter with the latest tech:  We are all watching so much more TV right now and so much great content is on new apps—but it’s hard to keep track of everything—that’s why AT&T TV (starts at $49.99/mo) makes so much sense.  It brings together LIVE television + your favorite streaming apps including HBO MAX– all in one place. It has a voice controlled remote—so by just speaking you have access to almost anything you want to watch just say—for example Find Westworld –and Westworld will appear.  AT&T TV is super easy to set up by yourself.  Visit to order your device.

This is also a great time to make your home a little smarter with a smart lock—this one is: August Smart Lock Pro (regularly $279 but on sale for $229 through May). It allows you to retrofit your front door’s existing deadbolt, so you can auto-lock and unlock your door with just your smartphone — no need to use keys. AND it also works with all 3 voice assistants, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri – so you can control your locks with just your voice.

AND when you bundle the August Smart Lock with the Yale Navis Paddle (about $35) you have a “hands-free” front door. This paddle door handle can be pushed or pulled open using your hip or elbow instead of your hands. It’s also perfect for other high-traffic areas, such as laundry rooms and garage entries.   For more info on Yale Navis Paddle or August Smart Lock Pro — go to:

Stay safe — stay sane 🙂

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