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CES 2021 is nothing like CES 2020

CES 2021 –Nothing Happened in Vegas—This Crazy Year It ALL Happened. . . at Home

We’ve all heard this phrase over and over again—“This is a year like no other.”  And so that means this year’s CES is also like no other. For the past 25+ years I’ve been in Vegas this week at CES walking 15 miles of aisles—this year I did it all from my home. My feet have never been happier.

Here’s some of what I found:

BIOS SkyView™ — it is a lamp created by former NASA scientists and is the ONLY lamp on the market that gives off the precise same light wavelength as natural sunlight– So this brings the benefits of natural light inside your home or to your workspace, so it not only lights your room, but also supports your well-being by enhancing productivity, increasing alertness, boosting mood, promoting a better night’s sleep.  The light rotates through sunrise, daytime, sunset and nighttime modes. Using the free app you can sync that light rotation to your zip code or personalize to your day — And I have to add– the sunset is amazing– And not only does it have a lot of science in it—it also just beautiful.  The cost is normally around $750 it is now on sale for $599 — To get it and for more info go to:

Soundcore’s Liberty Air 2 Pro — Just launched at CES this week – these earbuds have a number of stand-out features including multi-mode active noise cancellation which works great in planes, trains, the office and restaurants, it also has transparency—which will let you hear outside sounds when biking for example,  and using the free app and PureNote technology–  you can personalized your sound profile to get the best listening experience.  And it has a 7-hour battery life before needing a re-charge.  And it comes in 4 cool colors. The cost $129.99 on Here’s the link:

Lenovo launched the world’s first foldable PC—it’s their ThinkPad X1 – and yes, the screen folds—you can remove the keyboard and you can have this HUGE screen—then you can put the keyboard back in it and fold it up again—it’s pretty amazing. See it in action at:

Samsung’s Bot Handy—is designed to truly be an extra helping hand around the house—from putting dishes in the dishwasher to helping with the laundry—even pouring a much-needed glass of wine.  See Bot Handy at:

Trova has these lockboxes to store valuables and personal items that you can ONLY open with your smartphone TROVA’s smart storage devices are designed with an equal focus on discretion, security and beauty – perfect for jewelry, medications, credit cards and more. Wirelessly connected via Bluetooth and accessible through biometric scanning, TROVA’s proprietary app allows only paired users to unlock it, protecting TROVA – and its contents – from prying eyes or curious hands. Pricing starts at $199.  For additional information or to purchase products online, please visit

MaskFone (aka MF)— combines protection, convenience, and technology into one stylish, high-quality package. Serving mainly as a face mask, it provides the necessary protection that you would need, while allowing you to go about your day uninterrupted. Featuring replaceable PM2.5 and N95* filters, a built-in microphone, and earphones, MaskFone successfully eliminates the need to remove your mask, and there by  assuring you maximum protection. MaskFone starts at $49.99 and will be available at select Targets and Amazon by the end of January. Check it out at:

Noopl – is a new type of hearing assistant.  Noopl’s patented technology and initial consumer product, which leverages best-in-class multi-microphone beamforming technology, is the first MFi smartphone accessory designed to improve a user’s ability to filter out background noise and hear conversations more clearly in noisy situations. The first-generation device plugs into the lightning port of an iPhone and combines advanced aspects of smartphone technology, digital MEMS microphones, low-latency audio signal processing, head tracking, and Noopl’s deep expertise in ophthalmology and audiology. The company’s device augments the entire listening experience and allows users to never miss a word or a moment. Noopl is $199 – see it at:  The website for Noopl is:

Lockly Vision – is a revolutionary new smart lock with a built-in HD video doorbell. Know who’s at your door with a camera streaming real-time HD video and audio to your smartphone. Vision also features five unique ways to access your door, inducing the patented PIN Genie rotating digital keypad, virtual assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant, and even a 3D biometric fingerprint reader, so your finger can be your key! Provide permanent or temporary eKeys to anyone, anytime, without them downloading the LOCKLY app. No internet connection? No problem, Vision even allows you to create Offline Access Codes, so no one is ever stranded at the front door. Lockly Vision is $399 – purchase it go to:

Work Wonnies  — are the world’s first and only, one-piece business/leisure apparel combo.  If you’re Zooming you need a Wonnies. Also great for Zooming with friends and family during the holidays – but not wanting to get dressed up for it.  It’s basically a full-sized onesie that is a comfortable pair of sweats on the bottom and a more business-like dress shirt on top. Business on top, home-office party on the bottom.  You’ve heard of the Zoot suit, this is the ultimate Zoom suit. It’s $79.99 check it out at:


It’s called — “WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?

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