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From protecting your home from costly water damage to furry companionship – technology has a solution for every home.



If you LOVE gadgets – you’ll LOVE my new YouTube Gadget Game Show.

It’s called — “WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?

It’s sort of “Shark Tank” meets the classic “What’s My Line?”

Panelist try to guess the identity of a mystery gadget—

I’ve even had a few celebrity guest panelists including Judy Gold

Here’s the link: then click to the YouTube Channel link

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Peril Protect System – could be your best defense against a very costly water leak.  A water leak that can run up tens of thousands of dollars in repair bills. (The average cost of a water leak repair is $10,234, and it can run much higher).   Peril Protect  is a new easy to set up, in-home water loss monitoring system that combines smart water leak sensors, immediate text and/or email alerts when a leak is detected, a 24/7 call center, and an expert contractor network to find and fix leaks before they can wreak havoc on your home as well as your checkbook. Set up could not be easier.  No WiFi or Internet is needed.  Just plug in the hub, place the sensors in high risk locations around your home such as sinks, water heaters and toilets. That’s it, its now ready to monitor your home.  If there’s a leak, you’ll know it right away and if needed, a contractor will be sent to your home to fix the problem. A hub and 4 sensors is just $23.99/month—and right now the fees for the first month are waived.  For more info go


gimbOWL PRO — Do you need an extra hand when you shoot video with your smartphone? Well gimbOWL PRO might be the perfect solution.  It holds your phone and rotates 360-degrees as it tracks your movements during a shoot.  It doesn’t matter if that shoot is for an Instagram selfie, ZOOM meeting, FaceTime, Google conference, Live Streaming, online tutorials— ANYTHING.  No app is needed.  The gimbOWL PRO has a rechargeable battery, it is compatible with most tripods and has an built-in ultra wide camera to see you and follow you.  Great for working from home. It’s priced at $64.99 plus shipping for more info go to


ChargeCard™ by AquaVault — is a credit-card-size Portable Charger that is so small and thin, it fits in your wallet. Never worry about your phone battery dying when you’re on the go. The ChargeCard is an emergency charger which has built in charging cables for both Apple & Android which means you don’t have to carry around any additional cables. It all comes built in! Precisely engineered with ultra-fast charging technology which can also charge portable speakers, AirPods, headphones, kindles, iPads and more. The side of the ChargeCard has four LED power lights displaying how much charge is left. When it becomes fully drained, just charge it back up via USB and have it back to 100% in no time. Whether you are going to the supermarket, cafe, park, pool, bike ride or pretty much anywhere outside of home, you now have a way to conveniently charge your phone on the go without needing to be near any power outlets. Just put the ChargeCard in your wallet and go!  $49.95


Qoobo Petit (KOO-BO) – Lonely?  Need a pet? How about a Headless Robot Cat?  I first saw the prototype for this “cat” at CEATEC in Japan about 3 years ago.  It’s called Qoobo and the new Petit version was just launched this year at CES 2021. Qoobo Petit purrs like a cat, reacts to sounds, and you can even feel a heartbeat. As you scratch Qoobo, the tail reacts to the scratching—like a cat.  The original idea was as a companion for nursing home residents– but this interactive furball seems to have captured the imagination of all age groups. It will be sold here in the US later this year for about $110. For more info go to: and to purchase via Amazon Japan go to:


Work Wonnies  — are the world’s first and only, one-piece business/leisure apparel combo.  If you’re Zooming often, you need a Wonnies.  It’s basically a full-sized onesie that is a comfortable pair of sweats on the bottom and a more business-like dress shirt on top. You’ve heard of the Zoot suit, this is the ultimate Zoom suit.  It’s $79.99 check it out at: