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Gadgets for Dads & Grads aka “Dadgets” & “Gradgets”

Showing the gadgets and reporter Steve Greenberg

It’s the season when we need to find that perfect gadget for that perfect Dad and that perfect Grad – or as I like to say “Dadget” & “Gradget”

BUT FIRST– before you see my “Dadgets & “Gradgets” picks– let me take this moment to remind you about my GADGET GAME SHOW !!! If you love gadgets (and I know you do) — you will LOVE this fun game show on YouTube

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NOW — here are those to those “Dadgets” & “Gradgets”


Urbanista Los Angeles headphones — are the world’s first self-charging solar-powered headphones on the market. Urbanista Los Angeles brings a rare leap in headphone technology innovation to the market with a product that is designed to revolutionize the listening experience. Users can experience virtually unlimited playtime with solar charging. Los Angeles never stops charging when exposed to light, both outdoors and indoors, providing a nonstop audio experience. The Los Angeles headphones include Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling, Ambient Sound, On-ear detection, USB Type-C charging and Bluetooth 5.0. The Los Angeles Headphone have won a number of awards including recently being named a finalist in the consumer products category of Fast Company’s 2022 World Changing Ideas awards.  “The Los Angeles headphones are an advancement in technology that our industry has been waiting for and we at Urbanista are proud to deliver this ground-breaking technology to the market,” said Anders Andreen, CEO Urbanista. “Solar-powered technology will be at the forefront of audio technology for the foreseeable future and we are excited to drive this advancement in the audio space.” Urbanista Los Angeles headphones are now available for $199.00 at They come in two colors including Classic Midnight Black and Sand Gold. And there is an accompanying app to monitor solar charge levels and usage.

LuminAID Sunfox Solar Speaker — is a great summer accessory to accompany our lights on any summer day. It is a compact, waterproof solar speaker and it can float. This same company LuminAID has provided solar lanterns and phone chargers to people in need in more than 100 countries, including most recently, Ukraine. Learn more at Sunfox Speaker $50 at

Bite Away® — One click is all it takes for relief.  The fear of getting an insect bite or sting shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the great outdoors.  Bite Away® is an FDA cleared electronic medical device that uses the power and speed of heat to quickly relieve insect bites or stings. It’s effective on all those bugs bites that bother you: mosquitoes, wasps, bees, ants, sea lice, chiggers, and more. It’s patented* safety technology distributes precise concentrated heat through a ceramic contact tip to quickly stop the itching, swelling, and pain from insect bites and stings. Using it is simple: place the ceramic tip on your bite, press the 3 or 5-sec button to turn on, the indicator light will turn on when the curative temperature is reached and Bite Away will automatically turn itself off, and that’s it! Bite Away is FDA-cleared, dermatologist-tested, and chemical-free and lasts for up to 300 uses with 2 AA batteries (included). Use Heat to Treat and get on with enjoying the outdoors. Bite Away is available for $29.99 and can be found at Walmart, or select online retailers: *EU: patent no. 3308752; U.S. no. 16/317,147: patent pending

Calicle Cups — What’s an ice cream lover’s worst nightmare? Melting  The mere thought of your delicious, creamy treat transforming into a soupy puddle is enough to devastate even the coldest ice cream lover. Fortunately, tragedies like this are now avoidable. These cups – smart and stylish vacuum insulated bowls that keep your ice cream at the perfect consistency from first bite to last. No more meltdowns.  Perfect for poolside, backyard ice cream enjoyment. These bowls are 12oz, food grade, stainless steel vacuum insulated bowls with premium copper plating for extra insulation. Calicle Cups keep any foods (hot or cold) at the perfect temperature for up to 200% longer than traditional bowls. Calicle Cups are sold in sets of 2 (pink hibiscus & blue seas/white frost & midnight black). Available at website for $45 for set of 2 or on for $49.98

Palo Alto Innovation’s Sandman Doppler — is a smart clock that brings organization and ease to daily routines. With Alexa built-in you can listen to music, play games or ask questions to help with homework. With six USB ports found on the back of the clock, you can charge multiple devices and get rid of that power strip next to the bed helping keep your nightstand clean. The Doppler also has premium speakers that not only connect to Bluetooth but will fill the room with the music of your choice. You can customize the easy-to-read display to match room decor by picking one of the various color options available and the display auto dims at night making it easy on the eyes. The display also has an infinite viewing angle and can be dimmed all way to blackout if needed.  With the recent integration of Alexa routines, you can simply push a smart button in the morning triggering a routine with other connected smart devices. The smart buttons also allow you to start Alexa routines silently, so you don’t have to wake your partner to control your smart home. The smart clock also offers a dedicated mute button for privacy, cloud-based app control to set as many alarms as you like and the option to upgrade to include 3 USB-C ports.  The weather screen provides you with real time updates and is refreshed every hour so you can check the forecast and plan accordingly. The Sandman Doppler is $199.00 and you can find more details at:

Geneverse (formerly Generark) offers peace of mind with portable, indoor-safe backup power solutions for your home. Power outages, fires, hurricanes, and other natural disasters are among the most common reasons consumers purchase a generator, but gas systems aren’t as safe, reliable, or versatile as high powered battery units. Geneverse’s compact and solar-capable HomePower ONE offers up to 7 days of power supply to crucial devices in an emergency or whenever portable power is needed. Award-winning Geneverse power backup stations can be charged from a car or AC outlet. And, with the ability to charge with portable solar panels, users can be completely energy independent. Count on Geneverse to reliably power, support, and simplify your beautiful life. MSRP for the HomePower ONE Solar Bundle, which includes the backup battery and two solar panels, is $1499.00 available here.

Hammacher’s Digital Camera Binoculars — This is exclusive to Hammacher Schlemmer.  These digital camera binoculars earned The Best rating from the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute because they provided sharp magnification and took vibrant photos. The Best Binocular Camera’s fully coated 32 mm objective lenses and 8X magnification allowed an analyst to read seven lines of text from 100′ away, working in concert with a 5 megapixel camera that provided the most accurate picture on its preview screen, unlike lesser models’ screens that produced glare and displayed larger images but took smaller pictures. Photographs were captured with crisp, clear detail, unlike models that produced blurry images. The Best Digital Camera Binoculars’ superior features include a built-in video camera that captures HD video at 1920 x 1080 resolution and an SD card slot that supports up to 32 GB memory cards. Rechargeable lithium battery provides two hours of continuous use. Includes case. 6″ L x 4 1/2″ W x 2″ H. (15 oz.) $199.95