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I’m BACK !! With BACK 2 SCHOOL GADGETS 2022 !!!


I hope you’re loving the summer— the beach, camp, the free time— BUT there’s a cloud on the horizon – summer will end – and it will soon be BACK TO SCHOOL !!!

BUT FIRST– before you see my “Dadgets & “Gradgets” picks– let me take this moment to remind you about my GADGET GAME SHOW !!! If you love gadgets (and I know you do) — you will LOVE this fun game show on YouTube

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NOW — here are those to those BACK 2 SCHOOL GADGETS for 2022:

Express Your Feelings Sensory Bottles – were inspired by hand2mind’s popular Sensory Fidget Tubes, Express Your Feelings Sensory Bottles are a new set of toys featuring colorful, interactive elements that support a child’s social-emotional development. As they flip the securely sealed bottles and watch the glitter gradually fall, they release the energy that big feelings create and start to calm down. The printed faces on every bottle also teach facial and body clues for identifying specific emotions. This toy can be easily incorporated into sensory play or in classrooms to talk about feelings. Includes an Activity Guide designed to encourage discussion and conversation about responding to emotions in positive, proactive ways. The set of bottles are $24.99 at: on Amazon at:

OmieBox Lunchbox — is an insulated bento box for kids. The lunchbox design helps parents pack healthier lunches with more variety. It keeps food hot and cold in the same box.  Perfect for sandwiches, soups, or both—at the same time!  The OmieBox is BPA and Phthalate-free.  Sometimes the best inventions are born out of necessity. Nancy Yen came up with the idea for a hot & cold bento box when her son started preschool. He struggled with eating lunch at school and was often hungry and cranky at pick up. Noticing that he preferred warm entrees over sandwiches, she started noodling on a concept for a kid-friendly bento box that could pack a hot entree, fruits & veggies all in one place. One key design feature is the oversized handle – it’s easy to grab, perfect for young children who are still developing fine motor skills. Lids open and close easily, so your little ones can be independent at school.  It’s $44.95 at

UVCeed — is the first personal AI-powered mobile UV-C disinfectant platform for work, home, school, or travel. It attaches to the back of any smartphone and is 99.9 percent effective at killing bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2 the virus that causes COVID-19 in seconds. Paired with an easy-to-use app, UVCeed gives users the power, visibility and confidence to protect themselves—anytime, anywhere. With the UVCeed device and app, users can actually see what is being disinfected in real time and receive notification when the object or surface is 99.9 percent sanitized. No other UV light device does this. With UVCeed safety system, people, pets and vulnerable objects are not exposed to UV-C radiation. UVCeed retails for $149.00 and is available at:

Worky Workstation— is the first-ever portable desk in a box: a complete, organized, and instant workstation in a carrying case. Worky packs up all of one’s desk needs instantly for easy storage to help with clutter, organization and saving space. Once open, the 15 key elements of a productive desk ($300+ worth) are ready for use: built-in power and device charging, built-in video conference light, paperwork storage, magnetic dry erase, and more.  Worky is $149.99 at and is also available on Amazon at:


BLENDi — cuts the cord on traditional blending. The BLENDi allows smoothie lovers to blend anywhere they want with ease. No more waiting to get home. Blend anything from powders to even ice! Replicate your at-home blending experience in the convenience of your water bottle. With an LED display, one-click operation, and rechargeable battery, BLENDi is not just your average shaker bottle. You can now do more than just mix powder. You can actually blend any drink.  BLENDi is a portable 18-ounce cordless blender that’s rechargeable. At the click of a button, it combines anything from powders to fruits and even ice for a tasty and healthy snack or meal. The best part– the blender has enough power to work fast, with an average blend time of just 10 seconds. With BLENDi’s innovative design, one can drink straight from the top of the BLENDi and even convert it into a water bottle just by detaching the base. BLENDi is $79.99 at:

Hammacher’s Hands Free Smartphone Comfort Pillow — This is the pliable pillow that holds a smartphone and bends into various shapes and positions. Unlike similar neck pillows, this 56″-long model can be wrapped around a neck, a shoulder, waist, or chair or can also be set up as a free-standing smartphone holder. Filled with microbeads, it provides comfort in any position. It has an internal spine that keeps its shape rigid after posed and a built-in phone holder on the end. Hand washable cover. It comes in royal blue and is 56″ long.  It’s $59.95 at:


Xebec Tri-Screen 2 — is a portable dual-screen laptop monitor that allows users to bring the productivity of a traditional office with them on the go. This triple screen workstation can be used out of the box without the need to download or install any drivers or software.  Utilizing a three-screen setup like the Tri-Screen 2 enables a 44 percent increase in productivity. Unlike traditional multi-screen desktop setups, the Tri-Screen 2 empowers users to let their life dictate their work location every day, not the other way around. The Tri-Screen is sold for $499 and can be purchased at


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Thanks so much– and ENJOY SCHOOL !!!