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Gadget Gift Ideas for DADs & GRADs aka Dadgets & Gradgets

Gadget Gift Ideas for DADs & GRADs 2023


If you LOVE GADGETS — AND YOU LOVE A GOOD GAME SHOW— then check out my YouTube Gadget Game Show called “WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?” (it’s also streaming on DBTV)

It’s sort of “Shark Tank” meets “What’s My Line?” / “I’ve Got A Secret”

During each episode panelists try to guess the identity of a mystery gadget

Here’s the LINK to the show, check it out:

OR go to and click on the YouTube LINK


Now here are those gadget gift ideas for DADs & GRADs:

Typhur Instaprobe Food Thermometer – The food thermometer is one of the most important tools to have when you want the perfect cooking results. The problem is that most instant read thermometers still take 4-7 several seconds read and are slightly off due to limitations in their physical design. It doesn’t sound like much, but it feels like an eternity when if you have to stick your hands over a hot grill or hot oven.  The Typhur Instaprobe provides ultra fast, super accuarate readings in.75 seconds using patented DCTi technology. The crisp, bright OLED, ambidextrous display ensures visible readings even in low light conditions. Whether you’re barbecuing in the backyard at night or at a campsite deep in the woods, you’ll always get clear, accurate results. Other features include IP67 waterproof, motion activation, built-in magnets for easy storage, and an AAA power source that’s commonly found in all households. The Instaproble is $109, for more info go to:


Q-Swiper BBQ Grill Cleaner –  Makes Grill Cleaning Easy!  The Proud Grill Q-SWIPER® BBQ Grill Cleaner is a safe, bristle free and wire free way to easily swipe away grease and grime for a clean & healthy grill every time you barbecue. The Q-Swiper combines a grill brush with scraper and tough, moist Q-Swiper BBQ grill cleaning wipes to safely remove tough grease and grime with ease. The Q-Swiper wipes use recognized food contact safe ingredients and natural cleaning agents. The Q-Swiper Grill Cleaner Kit comes with 1 Grill Brush and 25 Grill Cleaning Wipes with refills available. The Award Winning Q-Swiper can be purchased at Lowe’s, Ace Hardware and Amazon. The Q-Swiper Grill Cleaner Kit has a S.R.P. of $15.99 and $12.99 for the 40-count refill. To learn more visit:


TYMO AIRHYPE HAIR DRYER – Whether it’s for Father’s Day or graduation, give the gift of speed and style. TYMO’s new generation high speed hair dryer is built for speed and powered by innovation. Using a 110,000 RPM brushless motor and advanced ionic generator, it’s engineered for performance to achieve salon-quality results. If you want fast, damage-free styling and maximum power, look no further. TYMO AIRHYPE generates an optimized airflow to dry hair quickly as negative ions reduce static. Precision engineering allows high velocity and control. Four temperature settings from cool shots provide the right level of power for any style.  This robust yet lightweight powerful tool gets you out the door in minutes. LCD Digital display gives you full control over your perfect blowout. For power and precision, premium components come together in this new gen styling machine. If you want expert quality in half the time, you’ve found your match. Beats the high-end dryer in speed (51mph air speed) and in price.  Everyone in the family  will enjoy the quick results and healthy, stunning hair.  Bring the luxury of the latest technology home for just $139.99 at Amazon 


EarFun Air Pro 3 — is the most affordable noise cancelling wireless earbuds with the longest battery life on the market. EarFun Air Pro 3 is the worlds’ 1st LE-Audio Hybrid ANC true wireless earbuds under $80 that utilizes the flagship Qualcomm® QC3071 audio SoC, aptX adaptive support, Bluetooth 5.3, LE Audio with the new audio codec LC3 and Active Noise Cancelling, packed with innovative QuietSmart™ 2.0 Hybrid ANC technology and Customized 6-Microphone Noise Cancellation Algorithm to filters out 95% of noises whether in-flight noise, city traffic, or office chatter to deliver life-like sound, the Air Pro 3 silences the outside world up to 43dB, so ensures it the industry-leading noise cancelling performance comparable to BOSE QuietComfort Earbuds 2 . Custom-built 10mm Wool Composite Dynamic Drivers. Voices are heard with well-defined clarity, between the spacious bass and stellar treble response. Featuring 45 hours long battery life and charge them through USB-C or wireless charging, the fast-charging function supports 2 hours playtime in a 10-min charge.  The All-New EarFun Air Pro 3 lets you have it all.   EarFun Air Pro 3 is available on Amazon: $79.99, with a $10 coupon on the Amazon page, so it’s really JUST $69.99.


Pocket Socks — is a family-owned enterprise that was conceived out of necessity when Evan Papel, the founder, fell prey to pickpocketing during his travels in Europe. Determined to find a practical solution that combined security with convenience, Papel developed a unique line of socks with built-in pockets, designed to meet the needs of the modern traveler and active lifestyle. Over time, Pocket Socks evolved into a stylish and versatile product line, offering a wide range of colors and patterns that appeal to any discerning taste.  The unique and patented functionality of the secure zippered-pocket adds an element of uniqueness that is sure to impress. You can stash your cash, credit card, keys, or even your passport in select styles, without having to carry around a bulky wallet or bag. The yarns used in Pocket Socks are durable and breathable, ensuring that they’ll stay dry, wick moisture, and are built to last for miles. Pockets are made from special hydrophobic material, meaning contents in the pocket stay completely dry. Pocket Socks make for a thoughtful and practical gift that your Dad or your favorite Grad will surely appreciate. They offer convenience, security, style, and durability, all in one package. You can get a pair of Pocket Socks for $23.95 at  (Discounts available upon sign up)


Wearable Reading Light — Available only from Hammacher Schlemmer, this is the hands-free light that can be worn around the neck for focused illumination. Its non-slip neck piece connects to two arms that can be shaped to direct light to a restricted area so as not to disturb others. It has two LEDs that provide 2,700-Kelvin of warm white (ideal for reading at night without disturbing a partner) and two LEDs that provide 7,000-Kelvin of cold white light (ideal for repairs, dog walking, or working at night) while providing three brightness levels: spotlight, floodlight, and spot/floodlight combined. Its rechargeable battery provides up to 16 hours of operation from a 2 1/2-hour charge using the included USB cable. $49.95



Al Dente The Singing Floating Pasta Timer — Tired of mushy pasta? Al Dente to the rescue.  Al Dente will “sing” when you pasta is ready.  Put him in the pot with the boiling water and the pasta.  Al Dente sings at 3 minutes, 7 minutes, 9 minutes and at 11 minutes.  See Al in action at:  Get more info at and at $24.99