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For me, the definition of a “Good Gadget” is one which “Solves a Problem.”

These gadgets all solve a problem.

BUT FIRST (before we talk about Problem Solving Gadgets)–

If you LOVE GADGETS — AND YOU LOVE A GOOD GAME SHOW— then check out my YouTube Gadget Game Show called “WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?”  (it’s also streaming on DBTV !! )

The Game Show is sort of “Shark Tank” meets “What’s My Line?” / “I’ve Got A Secret”

During each episode panelists try to guess the identity of a “mystery gadget”

How’s your GADGET IQ?

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Now here are those Problem Solving Gadgets !!


The Rockit Rocker — rocks your baby so that you don’t have to!  When you walk your baby, the baby falls asleep because of the motion of the stroller.  Then you get to where you are going, you order your hot lunch, the motion stops, the baby wakes up, you rock the stroller and your food gets cold.  Now, imagine you have a Rockit Rocker.  Just before you order that hot lunch, you turn on the Rockit Rocker.  The stroller rocks and the baby continues to sleep. You can adjust the speed of the Rockit to where your baby is the most comfortable.  The Rockit Rocker is USB rechargeable and comes with the adjustable strap and charging cord.  The Rockit was honored in England by the Queen herself with the Queen’s Award for the most innovative product. The award-winning Rockit Rocker can be found at and Amazon.  $69.95

Dry Eye Mask — If you suffer with dry painful eyes, you need to pay attention to this. Just under 50% of the population suffers with some degree of dry eye. There are eye drops out there— but they can lead to allergic reactions and actually teach your body to stop producing the natural oils needed for eye comfort. This Dry Eye Mask is an all-natural solution for dry eyes.  Plug it in, it has 10 heat settings and the heat stimulates the oil glands in the eyes. Use the mask for just 10 minutes once/twice a day for all-day relief. It’s like a “spa appointment” for your eyes. It’s just $99 at

NasoClenz® — is a comfortable and convenient way to clean and moisturize your nose, at home, or on the go! The unique cleansing wand is like a gentle toothbrush for the nose. With the specially formulated antiseptic gel, Nasoclenz offers triple action relief of nasal symptoms – gentle cleansing, reduces germs and it has soothing moisturizers. Our nose can filter up to 7,000 liters of air in a single day, and that air goes directly into our lungs.   Keeping your nose clean helps remove pollutants, allergens, and other particles. Unlike sprays and rinses which can be uncomfortable, NasoClenz is designed for simplicity and comfort, and with just a simple twist – it can be used anywhere. Clinical evaluations have shown that 84% of subjects reported a marked reduction in frequent allergy symptoms when using NasoClenz twice daily. Doctor-designed and made in the USA, NasoClenz was created to help everyone get their nose feeling fresh and clean.  Get your nose in good shape with NasoClenz! Starting under $10 for up to 8 uses, and under $30 for a supply that will last up to two months! NasoClenz is available on Amazon. You can also learn more about NasoClenz at

Optery – Data brokers are posting and selling our personal information on the web, including home addresses, phone numbers, emails, and family members’ names. In the wrong hands, this information can lead to problems like identity theft, fraud, hacking or even individuals confronting you at your home. Optery created a patented search technology that scans hundreds of data broker web sites and sends you a free Exposure Report with screenshots showing where your information was found. It then provides instructions for removing the profiles yourself, or you can sign up for an Optery membership (starting at $3.99 monthly) to automate the removals and ongoing monitoring. Optery was named “Editors’ Choice” by in 2022 and 2023 as the most outstanding product in the personal data removal category. Sign up for your FREE Exposure Report at and use code FALL2023 for 20 percent off any paid subscription.

The ChargeCard – Here’s the problem, nobody wants a dead smartphone. The solution is The ChargeCard. It a small thin battery that fits in your wallet—it’s not big and bulky like most other chargers. It’s that must-have extra power we all need.  It will give most phones’ run-time a 40-100% boost.  It works on both iPhones and Androids.  The cables are built-in and always there when you need them. It’s $59 at