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Back in Vegas for #CES2024

That’s Right– I’m back in Vegas at #CES2024 

More than 2.5 million net square feet of exhibits, that’s more than the size of 43 football fields (nearly 15% bigger than CES 2023)

4000 exhibitors from 50+ countries and territories with more than 1200 start-ups and a record number of Innovation Awards submissions and attendees come from over 150 countries !!

BUT before I go over some of what I’ve found here at CES2024–

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NOW — Here’s some of what I found at CES2024


Horizon U1 Smart Lawn Mower — A category first for the Aiper brand, the Horizon U1 Lawn Mower expands Aiper’s product offerings from the pool to the yard, helping effortlessly maintain even the unruliest of lawns. The new robot will feature wireless mowing capabilities as well as first-of-its kind technologies that enable the lawn mower to cut all grass types fast and efficiently. The Horizon U1 boasts a sleek, lightweight, compact, and cord-free design – and is optimized to automatically cut grass in yards up to 32,000 sq. ft. Available in Q1 2024, Aiper also announces its first-ever app for iOS and Android, giving the ability to remotely control the robot and more, making lawn maintenance easier than ever before. The Horizon U1 will be available for purchase starting Q3 of 2024 on

Impulse Battery-Integrated Power Cooktop — Impulse, the pioneer in sustainable home appliances, introduces their revolutionary battery-integrated cooktop. This sleek, high-performance kitchen marvel is not just a stove; it’s a lifestyle upgrade, promising unparalleled ease of use, incredible performance, and a sustainable approach to modern living. Boasting top-of-the-line performance, it combines sophistication and efficiency for the discerning home chef.  Setting a new standard in precision, safety, and power with proprietary Temperature Control technology, users can enjoy precise temperature management and unmatched power, all in a design that prioritizes safety without compromising performance. The first-of-its-kind, the Impulse cooktop is designed plug-and-play into existing outlets, saving users thousands of dollars in installation expenses.  For more information or to pre-order visit

Moonwalkers X — they claim to be the world’s fastest shoes.  Check them out at


Yubico’s YubiKey — Did you know that every second, a cyber attack takes place? With 80% of these attacks due to stolen usernames and passwords, online security is now more important than ever. Yubico offers the gold standard for phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication (MFA) with the YubiKey, a physical security key to protect the digital you. Just like your house key or car key, you have your YubiKey – which stops account takeovers in their tracks and makes secure login easy and available for everyone. It keeps your accounts safe from hackers by adding an extra layer of security beyond just a username and password. YubiKeys start at $25 and come in many different form-factors, so you can select the key — or two! — to secure the most important things in your digital life. To purchase a YubiKey for yourself, visit us at

AWOL Vanish Laser TV — it’s the CES pick of Shark Tank’s Daymond John. Check it out at


TDK Innovation — What can ruin the fun for people who love gaming, shopping or anything with Virtual Reality headset—it’s something called “VR Sickness” You see in the “real world” your eyes focus on an object at its real distance. With most VR headsets your eye focus on the headset screen and is tricked into thinking the object is far away—that discrepancy leads to upset stomach (especially with older headset users). TDK has developed a new chip that “opens” the focal point so an objects distance feels more natural – and NO VR SICKNESS And let’s face it gaming is a lot more fun, if you’re not nauseous. TDK has begun development of devices for VR goggles this year, in addition to last year’s devices for AR glasses. TDK’s devices for AR and VR have attracted considerable attention in the US market. For more information go to:


Speck’s Gemtones is a new line of true wireless earbuds made up of three models  Gemtones Play, Gemtones Sport and Gemtones Pro. Gemtones earbuds are designed to help prevent earbud loss by having a locking case lid that is translucent with a contrasting color beneath the earbuds to make it obvious when one is missing. Gemtones also comes with a customizable iOS and Android app that includes an earbud finder, four equalization profiles and a locking volume (dB) limiter and touch control setting. Designed with consumers in mind, Gemtones are high quality, high performance earbuds that only sound expensive. Gemtones Play ($49.99) and Gemtones Sport ($59.99) are available NOW at, Gemtones Pro ($79.99) will be available in February 2024.

ADAM The Robotic Barista from RichTech Robotics.  He’s a barista, he’s a bartender, Adam does it all.  The company points out that Adam is not only a terrific attraction at events but is also a serious worker who will get the job done. Check him out at


AI Talking Heads from WeHead —

GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker with Active Smoke Filtration —

NeoPlants clean the air 30 times better than traditional plants —

WaterCube 100 by Genesis Systems is a CES Innovation Award winner —

Massage Robot from France’s Capsix Robotics —

Manicure Robot from Nimble —