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Early Finds at CES 2019

With over 4,500 exhibiting companies–it is no surprise the Consumer Electronic Show is the largest and most influential technology event on the planet.

You can’t talk about CES without talking about PC’s

For example here’s a new one from Samsung, it’s the Notebook 9 Pen — available in early 2019.  It is a 2-in-1 PC meaning it’s a laptop and a tablet.  It has a built-in S-Pen that makes it easier than ever to jot notes, draw and even control the PC.  What makes it stand out is Intel processor, extensive battery life and durable, ultra-light design– so it is super portable.I also love the studio-quality sound from AKG speakers—incredible sound.  For more info go to:

SatPaq — this product could truly save your life—50% of country has no cell service—and after hurricanes floods fires earthquakes cell towers don’t work. SatPaq lets you text from anywhere using satellite technology—no cellphone signal— you can still communicate with family and friends—works with any smartphone—It costs $249, but no monthly fee

Lucyd Eyewear — are sunglasses that are also a bluetooth headset–   that let you listen to music, voice texted, you can even take a phone call with these glasses.  Costs around $99– but I’m told a new version will be out later in the year that has a more tramline design and will cost $89. For more info go to:

And here’s Mute+ — this is amazing– especially if you’re worried about Alexa listening to everything going on in your home.  Mute+ can give you the privacy you want —Placed on top of Echo— you set the timer and it blocks your Echo smart speaker from hearing anything going on in the room— Mute+ is technology to protect us from technology.  It’s under $30 and for more info go to

And finally, when we talk about CES technology it’s not just smart speakers, drones and 3D printers— CES has everything– even beauty products—

Check out Mia Smart.  It is Clarisonic’s most advanced skin-care device and compatible with all of Clarisonic cleansing brush heads and applicators – from cleansing to firming to anti-aging to under-eye massage and even makeup application.  Its patented oscillating technology when used with water creates a vacuum effect to remove dirt, oil and makeup from the skin’s surface and pores. PLUS you can even sync it with the Clarisonic app so you can customize your skin-care routine.  It’s $199 and for more info go to:  

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