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The Coding Critters™ from Learning Resources— are adorable interactive pet friends that help teach preschoolers early STEM concepts through coding and play, without the use of a screen. A recent study by the company concluded that 85% of parents agree that early STEM learning is critical for their kids and 82% of parents think it’s important that children play with screen-free toys. Coding Critters come with complete playsets and teach kids basic coding principles as they care for their interactive pet friends, and follow along with the playful “storybook coding” adventures outlined in included storybooks. With Coding Critters, kids effortlessly develop a foundational understanding of basic coding skills such as sequential logic and programming commands while playing with the adorable interactive pets. Children will love feeding, coding, and having a dance party with Ranger the Dog, Scamper the Cat, and Rumble the Dino for years to come! The Coding Critters have recently won the Family Choice Award and received the Parents Magazine’s“Best of CES” award. For additional information on your new coding friends, please visit The Coding Critters are available on Amazon for $39.99 per set.

Mars Space Station from Playmobil— Venture into undiscovered — Equipped with all the tools needed for space exploration, the station is ready for a successful mission! Thanks to the functioning lights beneath the central hub, astronauts can easily find their way back to base.  Then, enter the illuminated station interior via the front ramp and through the secure rotating hatch.  Once inside, astronauts can enter the central command space, from which all missions are monitored, or choose one of the modules, equipped with everything from sleeping compartments for the crew to a lab for analyzing samples.  Space is the perfect way to introduce kids to the wonders of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The Mars Space Station is for ages 6+, MSRP is $79.99 and is available at Walmart. Check it out here:

Erector by Meccano Numbered Sets –- the original STEAM toy that promotes open building play and encourages creativity and imagination. Invented in England by Frank Hornby in 1898, Erector by Meccano was conceived as a model-construction system, based on the principles of mechanical engineering. Adhering to a “Mechanics Made Easy” ethos, the sets are comprised of re-usable metal strips, plates, wheels, axles and gears, with nuts and bolts to connect the pieces. For generations, Erector by Meccano has inspired countless engineers, designers, architects, and creative minds of all ages. The brand continues to work with builders, creators, visionaries, and educators to develop products that inspire the pioneers of the future. Give your budding engineer a project they can construct themselves with the Geared Machines, Motorized Movers and Advanced Machines sets. Each set included an assortment of parts, instruction manual, double-sided blueprints, maker tool to “hack” the STEAM system and a reusable box or plastic case for storage. Young inventors can explore the different uses of gears in Set 3 or a motor block in Set 5 to create inventions like a claw to a paper airplane launcher or even a motorized spider. With this open play system, kids can create anything they want. The sets are recommended for kids ages eight and up and will be available for purchase on Amazon for $19.99 up to $129.99. For more info go to:

GoDonut— claims to be the world’s most portable and universal stand for tablets and smartphones.  The GoDonut’s clever design is a simple solution to a complex problem. It’s machine washable, flexible, stylish, made in USA with the highest quality materials, and comes in 9 different colors. It’s the only stand that can be used with multiple devices, on multiple surfaces, while enjoying multiple angles. GoDonut gives you complete freedom to multitask and do the things that matter handsfree, such as: cooking, streaming videos, FaceTiming, reading, studying, working and much more.  GoDonut is available on Amazon and at Walmart Stores Nationwide for $14.99 in the Seasonal/ Back to School section. For more info go to:  or call 1-855-GO-DONUT

Instant Biometric Lock— It’s one of life’s mysteries. Your child is great at memorizing schoolwork, but he or she can’t recall a simple 3-digit lock combination.  The Instant Biometric Lock from Hammacher Schlemmer solves this age old problem. It has a built-in fingerprint reader that instantly opens the lock with a swipe. No combination to forget, no key to lose.  It stores up to 10 users in memory, so parents and siblings can have access, and you can make yourself the administrator to prevent unauthorized sharing of the “combination.” The Instant Biometric Lock is available from Hammacher Schlemmer for $69.95. For more info go to:

PairMe Light up Shoe Accessories— Invented by Moms for kids everywhere!  PairMe is the first light up shoe accessory to help children get their shoes on the right feet.  Unlike all current light up shoes that flash while walking, our patented technology is unique and lights up when the accessories come together. PairMe’s are a great confidence booster for little ones and children with special needs learning to dress themselves independently. They’re a time saving device that helps simplify the morning routine. We have also found that older kids and adults also love to accessorize their shoes and make them light up.  Functional, fashionable and fun, PairMe’s are designed for everyone to love and enjoy! Super easy to apply. Peel off 3M paper backing and place on the instep area of shoes. Our 3M adhesive is semi-permanent. For a more permanent bond, simply add a dab of super glue. Ages 3 and up. For $33.95, buy a pair today through our website

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