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Here are some problems—and the gadgets that solve them:

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Problem:  Menopausal Hot Flashes – hot outdoor sports, tennis, keeping cool on a hot day

Solution:  KÜLKUF— Hot flashes just got a lot cooler. Are you looking for relief from hot flash symptoms, or maybe someone you know is suffering from menopausal symptoms? KÜLKUF is your answer?  KÜLKUF is the only patented, battery-powered all-natural cooling cuff that has been scientifically proven, through independent testing, to naturally reverse hot flash symptoms in seconds by lowering the body core temperature without dangerous hormones.  In clinical trials, over 95% of women tested described resolution of their hot flash symptoms in less than 60 seconds.  Blood is cooled at the wrist on its return to the hypothalamus, the thermoregulatory center of the brain, which signals the end of a hot flash. At the first sign of a hot flash, simply place KÜLKUF on the wrist, press the button and feel the hot flash disappear.  Buy your KÜLKUF now at www.kulkuf.comand receive a special 20% discount by using the code: BECOOL, Also for a limited time, Free Shipping.  This special offer is good only through November 10th.  What a great gift for your mother, grandmother or a friend experiencing hot flashes.

Problem:  Foot pain and tired uncomfortable feet

Solution:  Dr. Scholl’s Custom 3D Inserts— Do you find your feet are uncomfortable from working on your feet, exercising or just daily activity? Did you know your foot discomfort may be because your feet are likely not the same size? 60% of people have different sized feet. No wonder your feet hurt.  Dr. Scholl’s now offers Custom 3D Insertsthat are custom made for you using just 2 photos you take of each foot in the Dr. Scholl’s app on your phone/tablet. Your foot images are digitally mapped using 400 data points to create a shoe insert engineered and 3D printed to each of your feet using your unique measurements. This level of personalization from Dr. Scholl’s Custom 3D Insertsprovides just the comfort you need. These inserts are made to support your body’s natural movement with the help of shock absorbing heel cushions, anatomically designed heel cups, and dynamic custom arches. They increase comfort, provide better shoe fit and stability and reduce lower body fatigue.  In addition to being designed from your specific foot measurements, Dr. Scholl’s Custom 3D Insertsfeature your choice of creative design and personalization with your name.  Available for $99 (USD), which is MUCH less expensive than traditional custom inserts. Dr. Scholl’s offer free shipping to your door within 14 days. Engineered to fit only you, you should feel more comfort – to move better, move more and live more. Made in the USA, the 3D inserts come with a 30-day happiness guarantee, plus a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.  GetDr. Scholl’s Custom 3D Inserts& a free foot analysis at: Use code “STEVE” for 25% discount through 11.30.19.

Problem:  Your car isn’t a smart-car

Solution:  Automatic’s Connected Car Assistant Your car is capable of so much more than you know. Automatic, and their new Connected Car Assistant, upgrades older cars and cars without embedded safety features, model year 1996 or later, into connected cars. Perfect for parents of teen drivers, or children with senior parents, Automatic helps you to locate you loved ones on the road, provide 24/7 crash and roadside assistance, understand why your check engine light is on, integrate with smart homes and so much more. Powered by a mobile app and small adapter that plugs right in under your steering wheel, you can transform your car in minutes right from your driveway – no mechanic needed.  Automatic is $99.99 and available at:  Purchase prior to 11/15 and save $10 using code “STEVE”

Problem:  No time or patients to stand and stir the pot

Solution:  Üutensil  Automatic Pot Stirrer— This automatic pot stirrer saves time, prevents burning, and frees up your hands. With just the push of a button, its dishwasher-safe, food-grade nylon legs—heat-resistant up to 248° Fahrenheit—evenly rotate around your pot or pan.  Select from three speeds for the perfect prep of sauce, soup, oatmeal, gravy and more. $19.95. 

Problem:  Need to see in hard to see places such as in ceiling or behind a hard to move desk

Solution:  Tight Spot Gooseneck Viewer  — Face it, most of us have lost flexibility as we’ve aged, and our eyesight ain’t what it used to be either. This handheld camera from Hammacher Schlemmer bends in ways that would make a gymnast jealous to let you easily peek into tight spaces. It has an illuminated scope attached to a bendy 36″ gooseneck that you can contort in any way imaginable to locate a cat toy under a bed or couch, peer behind a cabinet to check on an outlet, or scope out the dark recesses of a kitchen cabinet for uninvited guests. You see what the camera sees on a 2.3″ color monitor attached to the handle. Sold by Hammacher Schlemmer for $49.95.

Problem:  You hate soggy cereal

Solution:  OBOL The Original Never Soggy Cereal Bowl — This never-soggy cereal bowl keeps the crunch in every bite by separating milk and cereal. Spoon cereal down the slide and into the milk when you’re ready for a bite. An integrated grip makes for easy eating anywhere, and it’s a great soup-and-crackers solution, too.  Made in the USA.  $14.95.

Problem:  Hate removing shells from hard boiled eggs

Solution:  Negg Egg Peeler – makes quick work of this dreaded kitchen chore.  The word Negg stands for naked egg, and there is nothing that will coax an egg out of its shell faster or cleaner.  Simply boil your eggs using the recipe included, add a ¼ cup of water and your egg to the Negg. Snap on the top and shake.  After 4-12 shakes you will feel the egg soften.  Check your progress through the clear cylinder and when you see the egg white appear through the shell, you are done.  Simply pop the egg out and “pinch” it out of its shell.  That’s all there is to it. The Negg has a recently reduced price of $14.95, comes in seven different colors: red, yellow, white, black, green, fuchsia, pale pink and includes the recipe for the perfectly cooked hard-boiled egg.  Oh, and if you don’t want to do your own shaking, hand the pre-loaded Negg to the nearest child.  They love being part of the kitchen magic.  The Negg is available at, Sur La Table, participating ACE and True Value Stores and local retailers across the country.  Here’s a demo to see it in action:   For more information about the Negg, and a listing of local stores that are presently carrying the Negg, go to,

Problem:  Getting more clothes into your suitcase

Solution:  Travel Vacuum Compressor from Hammacher Schlemmer  — Does it seem that no matter how carefully you pack, there’s never enough space in your bag for all your clothing? This miniature rechargeable vacuum compressor from Hammacher Schlemmer creates extra suitcase space out of thin air. Using a special airtight bag, the compressor sucks the air out of clothing, reducing a garment’s volume by up to 50%. About the size of a D battery, you can pack it easily for help with the return trip. The Travel Vacuum Compressor from Hammacher Schlemmer comes with one medium-sized vacuum bag and at $59.95 it’s far more economical than buying a bigger suitcase.

PROBLEM: You need to keep warm and your cell phone handy but you don’t have any pockets?

SOLUTION: Pretty Rugged Gear Luxe Faux Fur Reversible Scarf — This scarf is a new fashion accessory.  It is Luxe Faux Fur on one side and waterproof satin on the other.  The waterproof pocket has a stylish high-tech zipper to hold and keep your cell phone safe and dry.  And there’s even extra room to carry some cash and credit cards. A grommet hook to keep it snug and cozy around your neck.  Choose black or white faux fur and you can personalize it with embroidery of your name, initials, or maybe a logo.  One additional feature–it’s washable. It’s $50 (plus an additional fee for personalized embroidery) and you can find out more at

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