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Once again– I’m in Vegas at CES– walking, walking and walking

Last year I hit about 22,000 steps each day — let’s see what happens this year

A HUGE category here at CES 2020 is the CONNECTED HOME
And with LiftMaster’s expanded suite of Smart Home Access products, you can monitor and control main entry points from anywhere – using the myQ App.

LiftMaster has just launched the FIRST Garage Door Opener with a built-in Camera and 2-way audio communication (starts at $450 including installation)—so you can see and talk with anyone in the garage right through your smartphone using the myQ app.

LiftMaster and Yale Locks have teamed up to create “Deadbolt and Lever Connected Locks” which are also synced to the myQ app. (The locks start at $260, including the lock and Lock Wi-Fi® Bridge.)

So here’s one example on how all this can all work together—

Let’s say you’re getting a package delivered using “Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery.”

The Delivery-person can approach your garage door—it will open—you will get a notice on your phone—

The door to your home that’s in the garage will automatically LOCK securing your home—

The package is dropped off—the Delivery person leaves—the garage door closes and the door to your home in the garage UNLOCKS—and again you get a notice.

And all of this is captured on your in-garage camera—

It’s Seamless Smart Home Access

For more info go to:   And to find a dealer go to:


Next to help you sleep easy—check out the new Hatch Restore

What’s unique about this product is that it’s a bedside reading light, clock, sleep sounds generator, sunrise alarm—and that you can personalize the going to sleep routine and the waking up routine.

And sleep experts say the secret to a good night’s sleep is all about creating a predictable sleep routine.

The sleep sounds include white noise, water and wind

The reading light has minimal blue light to help you wind down and prepare to sleep

Using the Hatch free-app you can program your sleep routine and your wake up routine— you decide what works best for you—

Set it up just once then every night and every morning—you’ll fall asleep and wake up—the way you used to.

The product price is TBA — To find out more, go to:


NEXT—once you wake up from that perfect sleep you’ll need to brush your teeth—and ORAL-B has taken brushing to a new level with their revolutionary new Oral-B iO (eye-Oh)

It is one of this year’s CES Innovation Award Honorees. One of the cool new features—

–A smart screen with up to 7 personalized brushing modes, and Artificial Intelligence brushing analysis and coaching with the Oral-B app. You get the results in real time—so you can really do a better job brushing.

–The Oral-B iO has redesigned brush head that combines oscillating and rotating cleaning motions with micro-vibrations to reach every surface of your teeth.

–There’s even a smart pressure sensor that adjusts speeds based on your pressure to protect your gums and enamel.

The Oral-B iO is a smart toothbrush that gives something to smile about.

The Oral-B iO launch is set for August.  For more info on the Oral-B iO go to


Now if you take that smile to another country you might need help communicating—that’s what Pocketalk Voice/Text Translator is all about. Pocketalk is a multi-sensory, 2-way translation device designed for full conversations, even in noisy environments. With a sleek design encompassing a large touchscreen, two high-quality speakers, noise-cancelling microphones and a text-to-translate camera, Pocketalk is able to create connections across 74-different languages in more than 130-countries and regions. By utilizing the best translation engines from around the world, Pocketalk provides a consistently accurate experience by picking up localized dialects and slang.  The cost including the 2-year SIM card is $299. For more information, visit and follow Pocketalk on Instagram and Facebook.

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