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Smart Toys 4 Smart Kids

Here are some “toys” that are more than  just child’s play–


Professor Maxwell’s 4D Chef — Winner of the Best Product at Toy Fair NY 2019.   Explore the wonders of food science with Professor Maxwell’s 4D Chef.  Learn 18 fun delicious recipes while discovering how yeast makes dough rise, the difference between good and bad fats, how cheese melts, what’s gluten, blanching and more.  Using the free app, the 42-page book contains recipes that come alive with augmented reality.  Still pictures in the book turn into teaching videos using a smartphone/tablet.  Use the included goggles, and warp into the kitchen to watch the process in virtual reality! There’s a lesson behind every bite with Professor Maxwell’s 4D Chef.  4D Chef is $39.99 and available on Amazon:


Artie 3000— is a drawing robot that helps kids learn to code. They can imagine simple or complex drawings and designs, and translate them into “drag and drop” code on any device. The fun makers at Educational Insights are sparking kids’ curiosity in coding with Artie 3000™ where coding meets creativity.  Kids then get to experience the payoff of watching Artie draw what’s been coded, line by line, moving forward, backward, and spinning in any direction while lifting and lowering four thin-tip, colored markers. With its own built-in WiFi server, Artie is compatible with any desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smart device with no need for an Internet connection to play. In addition to freeform coding, Artie comes pre-programmed with a variety of designs like numbers and letters, shapes, games, and line-art for coloring. Artie 3000 is noted for its unique ability to foster critical coding skills through artistic inspiration and expression. American Mensa, the world-renowned society for high-IQ individuals, has partnered with Educational Insights due to the unique skills that Artie helps teach kids. Artie 3000 will be the first robot and only the third character to ever receive an “honorary Mensa card,” following in the footsteps of Lisa Simpson and Mr. Peabody.  Artie 3000 is $69.99 at


Big-A-Bubbles from Zing— Make BIGGER bubbles with Big-A-Bubbles from Zing! Simply remove the bubble pouch from the packaging and pour one of the two bubble solutions into the pouch. Then dip the glove into the pouch, open the mouth of the glove with your hand, and watch GIANT bubbles form right before your eyes! The pouch is also re-sealable and refillable. Big-A-Bubbles comes in six different themed gloves, including, Lion, Crocodile, Pirate, Shark, Duck, and Bear characters. Big-A-Bubbles is for ages 3+, MSRP is $1.99 and is available at Target. Check it out:


Dr. Biscuits’ Radical Road Trip— is a compact treasure chest of 60 fantastic games to play in the car. Say ‘goodbye’ to your backseat screen zombies. Say ’so long’ to boring games like counting cows. Get creative and get connected with the ground-breaking game that was a 2019 Toy Of The Year Finalist!  Play for 5 minutes or for 5 hours. Perfect for long road trips or quick jaunts across town.  With 60 games to choose from, you really can’t go wrong. Hilarious, addicting games include “Daddy Don’t Do Dat,” “My Compliments to the Jeff,” “Flip Dingus” and “Duck, Duck Bruce.” From Barry & Jason: the game show-addicted masterminds who brought you Game Night in a Can. Dr. Biscuits’ Radical Road Trip is $24.99 on


Squishy Circuits— uses conductive and insulating play dough to teach the basics of electrical circuits, a perfect blend of play and learning! Our play dough kits, projects, and recipes teach problem solving and engineering concepts and inspire creativity and independent thinking. Bring your play dough creations to life with lights, buzzers, motors and more! Perfect for children age 8 and up. Kits come in 3 sizes– $15 Starter Kit, the Standard Kit is $35 and the Deluxe Kit is $75.  Kits are available on and Amazon

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