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Yep, we are all stuck working from home— here are some gadget ideas to make the in-home experience a little bit better—


Tabletote Laptop Stands—  With its unique design, Tabletote is different than your ordinary laptop stand that is used from your lap. It’s a small desk that sets up in about 30 seconds and requires no tools. Compact and lightweight, it easily fits in backpacks or briefcases. Has an expandable work surface to accommodate a portable mouse or other lightweight equipment. Consumers have found a myriad of uses for Tabletote including business, school, home, office, arts & crafts, gaming and so much more. Comes with a  cup and smartphone holder. At just $34.99, Tabletote is an outstanding value compared to other stands selling for $50 or more. For speedy delivery, orders yours at Amazon today.  More info at


ChatLight— The first light made specifically for video chatting that’s rechargeable. Chatlight fits almost all of your devices and has fully adjustable lighting brightness and direction. Its bulbs last 50,000 hours and battery lasts 90 minutes on a single charge.   $29.99


DUO Multi-Angle Pillow Stand— This is perfect for iPads, Tablets, eReaders, Smartphones, books and magazines.  Get comfortable and let The Duo do the work by holding your tablet or reading materials at the perfect angle.  Relieves wrist and neck strain by allowing you to be completely hands free. Constructed of solid memory foam makes it comfy like a pillow, but sturdy enough to hold your tablet on your lap at the perfect viewing angle.  Available at QVC – $21.97

AND on HSN $19.99


10 Minute Smartphone Sanitizer–This is the smartphone sanitizer that uses safe ultraviolet light to destroy up to 99.9% of viruses, germs, and bacteria in under 10 minutes. Using the same technology trusted to sterilize hospital instruments, it disinfects smartphones (which contain an average of 10 times the amount of germs and bacteria than a public restroom) by eliminating microorganisms such as Streptococcus, E. coli, and Salmonella. This device employs two UV bulbs inside the case that are rated for 20,000 hours and emit germicidal light. With wireless charging, USB port, and an aromatherapy feature. $99.95


LifeBike – Portable Pedals sale at for $79. (Full retail is $139.)  Stay safe. Stay home. Stay well with LifeBike® Portable Pedals. The planet’s only patented portable pedals, LifeBike® is only 3.5 pounds, comes fully assembled and folds flat in its tote bag. LifeBiking easily, affordably and conveniently boosts your immunity, your mood and metabolism with your arms or legs – safely at home. The average LifeBiker burns 300 calories every 30-minutes while you watch TV, work at your computer, or read a good book. Mayo Clinic’s 2-month LifeBike study shows LifeBiking improves blood flow to your brain & body by 96%, as compared with just sitting sedentary. Healthy blood flow is key for your wellness, fitness and longevity. Don’t just sit there, pedal! Go to   On sale now for only $79! (retail $139)




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